The amazing new dog washing system that
Washes your dog in less than 1 minute!
Washes Hard-To-Reach Areas with 360 Degrees of Clean!
How Does Woof Washer 360 Work?
The 360 Degrees of Water Jets Gently Spray Your Dog Clean in 3 Easy Steps!
1. Attach to Hose and Add Soap
Just attach Woof Washer 360 to any garden hose. Then add any dog shampoo of your choice to the dispenser.
2. Wrap the Hoop's Articulating Arms Around Rover, and Slide to Turn on!
The soap and water instantly mix, creating a sudsy solution that massages and scrubs your pup clean from head to toe!
3. Switch Modes to Rinse
There are two modes: one for suds and one to rinse! Wash and rinse EVERY PART of your dog in less than a minute!
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